Gatimú FC Speared in the Jungle!!

It was a calm afternoon in the slopes of Aberdares as Gatimú FC welcomed Jungle FC in the Upcountry Super Field of Mairí.
The game started at a faster pace as expected and maintained that momentum for the whole of first half. The teams that seemed equally matched held a clean sheet for about 30 minutes with none seeming to bulge. But Alas! In the thirty something minute The Jungle Boyz proved their training right with a strong header from a corner kick. Things would have been tougher for Gatimú minutes later from another header. However game ended 1-0 at halftime.
Second half started strong with both teams severally threatening each other. Gatimú increased pressure at Jungle’s doorstep where Gatimú’s forward was fouled winning a penalty that Jose (8) brilliantly sloted it in making things level. Gatimú continued pressing and another player was fouled warranting a redcard for Jungle Boy. The game got tougher and Jungle FC refused to bulge and instead showed they are made of stone by punishing Gatimú with a second goal and the match ended 2-1 in favour of the Jungle Boyz.

What a spectacular Game Mashinani


Author: Njuguna Gichohi

Founder and Editor Game Mashinani - Passionate Grassroots Football Enthusiast

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