The true cost of setting up a grassroots football team

October 5th, 2017

Tournaments are an effective way to test teams ability, experience different play styles from opponents and showcase their skills in front of fans and scouts, however, taking part requires one key element, a team.

Most of the time players choose to join an already established club/team, where they’re given kit, a number and they’re ready to play. Such a team most probably already play in a league or tournament, have a training pitch and have a system in place to manage players.

The challenge is experienced by those that want to create their own team/club. Where do you start? did a research on the true cost of starting from scratch a grassroots football team to be able to compete in any league or/and tournament games.

The research established that the majority of the issues that crop-up include securing a pitch for the season and buying a kit. Most of the times, start-up teams have to share already existing community pitches with already established teams.

Below you’ll see the price of the pitches paid for by Kitlocker’s social media followers.

Grassroots Costs

Kitlocker research also looked into the cost of kit, referees & league affiliation, they also advice on how to qualify for sponsorship and the best way to manage teams throughout the season from those pesky players who always go missing when it’s game time.

You can find the full article by clicking HERE.


Author: Njuguna Gichohi

Founder and Editor Game Mashinani - Passionate Grassroots Football Enthusiast

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