Kandara Boda Boda FC settles for a 2-2 Draw at Mairí Stadium

Today saw a grassroots football match played with Passion and top flight Class when Tea Zone’s Gatimú F.C hosted Kandara Boda Boda FC from coffee zone at the cool carpet Mairí Stadium.

The Kandara Motorbike riders had arrived at the stadium well before time with much enthusiasm to show the hosts that their game reigns supreme. The match kicked off at 4.00pm on a very fast pace that almost caused the Gatimú squad to falter and as a result punished at the 10th minute from a deadball just outside 21. The Boda Boda boys exhibited a brilliance of a higher class by slotting the free kick just behind Gatimú defence very strategically which the forward run and finished it with a superb shot on target.

The opener was all the hosts needed to get their act in order and it wasn’t long before they equalized with a super one two up to the box and back of the Bodas net. Things ended 1-1 at half-time.

The second half was characterized by realignments by both teams looking forward to seal the second half on top. Five minutes into the game and Gatimú tactfully substituted their attacking mid-field of James Ng’ang’a (8) with Mwaríri and Jonah (11) with Ngújiri and within a short time reaped the benefits when fresh energy Mwaríri (8) outpaced the bikers to put Gatimú at the top with two goals. The game almost turned upside-down for the bikers but their resilience proved strong and their 7 outpaced the left back to cross a super assist that was efficiently sloted in to make things level at 2-2.

The match ended at a draw with much respect from both squads that closed the session with an exchange of few friendly words and Prayers.

Farther afield Mairí FT hosted Aberdares FT at the same stadium and the visitors were thrashed until they said ” mbimbi ní njahí-goatpoop is blackbeans”

Beauty of the Game in the eyes


Author: Njuguna Gichohi

Founder and Editor Game Mashinani - Passionate Grassroots Football Enthusiast

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