Game Mashinani Weekend Fireworks

Veterans downed by Ikúmbí FC 2-1
The much anticipated match between old boys Veterans FC and youngsters Ikúmbí FC lived to it’s hype by the Veterans determination to give the much younger side a run for their money. The kickoff was entertaining and both teams exhibited earlier on they in it to win. The two sides were unable to threaten each for the first 15 minutes despite the Veterans first choice goalkeeper benched by a hand injury. However, things drastically changed in favor of the youngsters Ikúmbí when their attacking center paced past the Veterans lastman to chip in an indisputable shot behind the net. The Veterans were somewhat stunned by the goal and less than 5 minutes later budged under pressure a d conceded a second goal. The Veterans recorrected their formation and held the scoreline at two goals down by half time. The second half saw two rejuvenated squads with Veterans determined to get back to the game and their persistence paid off with a cross from fresh blood winger Mútí (7) which was easing slotted by another fresh forward Machaa (9). Despite the Veterans putting up a valiant battle they were unable to score another goal and Youngsters Ikúmbí FC triumphed at the end of the 90th minute. Ikúmbí FC are currently leading the Tournament with 7 points with three games played.

Kangare Rising Stars 0 Maríira FC 0
The townside Rising Stars welcomed country boys Maríira with zeal and zest in the second match played at Kangare Poly Stadium. The two sides that have not had so much success at the tournament were ready to turn-up their fortunes and increase their chances of lifting the trophy. Kangare Stars who’ve had a streak of two draws in a row sought to cap it with a win over Maríira who had suffered a 2-0 defeat in their opening match against tourney leaders Ikúmbí FC. However, Maríira proved to be the most improved team in the courses of two weeks and were actually the side that kept their opponents on their toes for a better part of the match. This game came out as the most entertaining match of the day as the two relatively young squads sought to outpace and outmaneuver each. This was not to be as neither side managed to get behind the net of their opponent and the match ended at 0-0 draw with Rising Stars standing at 3 points in three games behind Gatimú FC with 4 points in three games, and Maríira stands at 1 point in two games.

Next Sunday will be crowned by Veterans FC facing off with Maríira FC while Gatimú will take on Rising Stars

The beauty of the game is at Mashinani


Author: Njuguna Gichohi

Founder and Editor Game Mashinani - Passionate Grassroots Football Enthusiast

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