Game Mashinani Under 15 Friendly at Kangare

Gatimú Jnr FC v Kangare Jnr FC


Clad like John Blaze of the multicolored coat, all the young footballers cared for is to put their talents and passion into the field of play without regard their lack of kit. The game kicked off at 5:30 pm and the two teams with an average age of 9 and 12 fought hard to dominate each other. This being the first game of this level in this region in many years visibly took the young footballers by storm as the happiness in their souls was allover their young faces. The boys were very competitive and displayed a high level of footballing ideas and skills at their age.
As time lapsed in the first half, Gatimú youngsters managed to outmaneuver their Kangare rivals to score a superb goal.
Into the second half the host Kangare team was unable to keep their defenses intact and were severely punished for it with a second goal. The match ended on a lively note with Gatimú carrying the day on 2-0 scoreline.
The boys were ecstatic and vehemently requested for an organized tournament which Game Mashinani promised to do in two weeks time.
If you’re in any way able to support the young boys especially through balls, kits to help them develop their talents you’re most welcome at Game Mashinani.

The Beauty of the Game is in the Eyes


Author: Njuguna Gichohi

Founder and Editor Game Mashinani - Passionate Grassroots Football Enthusiast

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