Sun, 25 Aug

Thika BAT Ground

Thika Sparks
11- 8

Referee/Observer Report

Home team coach comment: Away team is GOOD physically but POOR on technical terms.
They lacked a number 6 and were easily pulled to one side.
Away team also had noticeable infield arguments which showed lack of unity.

After the 2 high profile friendlies(Bidco United & Thika Sparks FC) its evident we are talented but lack technical know-how such as formations, position roles, how to press, zonal/man marking and many more.

What we can do:
1) Change our training norms to address the above concerns.
2) Teams should invest in training equipment such as marker cones, bips/vests and magnetic coaching boards.
3) Use the internet to get free coaching resources.
4) Invest in coaches with coaching training and experience.

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