Gamemashinani 20/21 :Upper Pool B

Sun, 13 Dec

Kinyona Ground

1- 1
HT 0 - 1

Thiong'o Thiong'o

Stanley Muges



1. Jefferson Kung'u
2. Joseph Nyaswabu
3. Josphat Kamau
4. Simon Karanja
5. Peter Mwangi
6. Joseph matu
7. Emmanuel Gichuki
8. Collins Nyongesa
9. Daniel Mwangi
10. Stanley Muges

Referee/Observer Report

Fans Consistently fight outside the field which was a threat to the overall security to other fans attending the game.

In a foul incidence in the second half the center referee decided it was a penalty, after a consultation with the linesman the referee reversed his decision and decided a free kick to be taken. This forced the game to a standstill. After the intervention of the 4th official, the penalty decision was upheld.

Because of the above incidence, the game had stopped for about 20 minutes. Upon resumption, only 5 minutes were played with the referee citing player safety.

Other Match Day Results
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