Kangari Ward NG-CDF 2021

Knock Out - SF

Sun, 09 Jan


0- 0
HT 0 - 0
FT 0 - 0
AET 2 - 0

Referee/Observer Report

Makomboki FC forfeited the match after refusing a penalty kick, awarded to Kangari FC, be kicked.
In accordance with Article 10 of the rules, the Away team loses 2-0.

The game designated kickoff was on 2nd January 3 PM,
Because of poor timekeeping, the match started at 16:30. After 90 minutes the teams were level at 0-0 as it was already past 6 PM and darkness was approaching the game was abandoned to be continued the next Sunday(9th January 2022) to play the remainder of the match(Extra Time and Penalties if still level).

Other Match Day Results

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